Szürketúra a Budapest100-on// Take the Grey Trail at Budapest100
The concept
Being a prefab blocks/housing estate fan, I know all too well how challenging it is to prepare for a city break if you wish to satisfy your unique interest. It is difficult to find information and English language resources are usually very scarce.  Anywhere I go, I usually spend hours trying to dig up articles and studies about local brutalist buildings and housing estates. With this guide, I intend to give a helping hand to like minded people sharing with you my favorite places in Budapest, and the routes I have wandered around several times over the past 20 years.
I hope you will enjoy your walks and have a great panel experience!
The team
Bence Kapcsos
pronounced: [bɛntsɛ kapchosh]
Bence is User Experience Designer with a keen interest in modern architecture, particularly with a soft spot for prefab panel blocs. He leads the creative vision and the webdesign of the platform and contributes as the primary writer to the guides. Born and raised in Kelenföld Housing Estate, his journey has taken him through brief residencies in panel communities in Petřiny, Prague and Obolon,Kyiv.
Interview with Hype&Hyper on the Panelwalks project
Interview with about Kelenföld Housing Estate
Lídia Kecseti
pronounced: [leedea kɛchɛtee]
Lídia, a graphic designer, partnered with Bence on the Panelwalks' Budapest100 project as the illustrator for the 'Szürketúra/Grey Trail' maps. Raised in Kőbánya among prefab blocks, these structures deeply influenced her creative outlook. Beyond graphic and UI design, she collaborates on initiatives with other designers and FabLab Budapest to revitalize public spaces.
Open Source Nutcracker a collab with FabLab Budapest
[ Michsa ] by  Balázs Nagy
pronounced: [mic-sha / balaazh nad]
Michsa is a slow fashion brand, making embroidered souvenir clothes for micro cultures. It’s a project of Balázs Nagy,  who is a filmmaker. He is the founder and CEO of Rotera Film. Having grown up in Havanna Housing Estate, Budapest Balázs is an enthusiastic supporter of public transportation and a 'local patriot' of his current home, District 8.
Bence Pusztai
pronounced: [bɛntsɛ poostaee]
Bence is photographer and filmmaker. Roughly 68% of the beautiful pictures in the guide were taken by him, a dear childhood friend of Bence Kapcsos. They have been craving for estate experiences together for more than 20 years.
“Tasting local craft beer in one of the most authentic retro markets in the suburbs of Budapest or discovering one of the city’s best Neapolitan pizzerias on a suburban street unusual for tourists, while immersing yourself in the background history of Budapest’s most exciting socialist housing estates. A much-needed initiative for those who want to explore different layers of Budapest in an unconventional way: introducing the Panel Walks Budapest”