Szürketúra a Budapest100-on// Take the Grey Trail at Budapest100
Járd be a Szürketúrát a Bp100-as programunkon // Take on the Grey Trail with our Bp100 program
Járd be a Szürketúrát a Bp100-as programunkon // Take on the Grey Trail with our Bp100 program
Járd be a Szürketúrát a Bp100-as
// Take on the Grey Trail with our BP100

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Discover Budapest’s socialist housing estates at your own pace. Get our illustrated maps before your exploration.

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Budapest might not be the first name that comes to mind for brutalist architecture lovers, unlike Belgrade, Kyiv, or Katowice. However, the city’s post-war rebuild leaned heavily on socialist modernism,  with housing estates serving as prominent examples.

For anyone interested in modernist architecture or the history of socialism in Eastern Europe the edges of Budapest definitely hold hidden gems worth exploring.

“A much-needed initiative for those who want to explore different layers of Budapest in an unconventional way”
Explore Kelenföld's journey from being a "panel jungle" to a beloved neighborhood, showcasing its modernist architecture and testament to urban renewal.
Brutalist gems and eye-catching prefab blocks in original state in Újpalota, where the essence of socmod architecture meets the quirky Asia Center.
Uncover Csepel island's industrial heritage and public housing evolution, and wander along the Soroksár Danube branch in the district’s hidden gem, Királymajor Housing Estate.
Ott leszünk a Budapest100-on  // Meet us at Budapest100.
Fedezd fel a Kelenföldi és Újpalotai lakótelepeket a Panelwalks-al a BP100 program részeként 2024. május 11-12. között! // Discover Kelenföld and Újpalota Housing estates with us during Budapest100 between 11-12 May 2024.
Panelwalks Maps
Go old-school and explore with a physical map. Download our free illustrated map of the estates to make your visit more memorable.
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Behind the idea
Being a prefab blocks/housing estate fan, I know all too well how challenging it is to prepare for a city break if you wish to satisfy your unique interest. It is difficult to find information and English language resources are usually very scarce.  Anywhere I go, I usually spend hours trying to dig up articles and studies about local brutalist buildings and housing estates. With this guide, I intend to give a helping hand to like minded people sharing with you my favorite places in Budapest, and the routes I have wandered around several times over the past 20 years.
I hope you will enjoy your walks and have a great panel experience!